Dear healthy minds,

I'm writing to wish you a very happy new year!

The resolutions I suggest for this year are cultivating greater peace, attention and developing a good heart. Let's resolve to create habits of being happy, better organized, empathizing with others, live consciously in the present, with peace and tranquility.

But this will not happen by magic and less if we keep repeating the same patterns of the past year. We have to develop new habits and maintain them.

I know what you're thinking, that's very difficult and requires effort, but think for a moment what it would mean to practice non-stress and being less anxious. Don't you want to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful most of the time? This would be fine, right?

It's all about this! to cultivate habits that make us feel good and happy long term.

The good news is you're not alone. Here at Peace & Mind we are a community of people who seek the same and we recognize the importance of training and developing our mind.

One of my goals is to write more about various topics, that can inspire my readers (you) to be free and independent and use their free time meaningfully in the projects that make you happier as well as offering you strategies to live a meaningful life.

Your Turn

What is your most important resolution for this year?


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