Hello I am Alma, certified teacher of the Cultivating Emotional Balance program. I'm also a contemplative artist and I have a master's degree in psychology. I've studied and practiced buddhist philosophy and meditation for more than 15 years. ContemplArte is a spanish word that means to observe yourself introspectively and if you divide it it means to contemplate art. It is dedicated to people who want to know their mind, transform negative habits into positive ones, have greater emotional and cognitive balance, have tools to better manage their time and their goals, develop their creativity and apply it to live a meaningful life. Sharing emotional balance and mental training  methods that come from both the Western Psychology and Eastern Contemplative Traditions.

Vision for ContemplArte

I created this site to bring together a community of people interested in training their mind through meditation, psychology and art. With the intention to share tools and resources that I have learned and which have allowed me to live a peaceful, free and contemplative lifestyle. Here you will find tools for the cultivation of emotional and mental balance, developing your creativity, working for the benefit of other beings, and to design a contemplative and balanced lifestyle.

Through our creativity we not only express our emotions, but we also contemplate the world differently. A great Tibetan master said "The art of meditative experience is a perpetually growing process in which we begin to appreciate our surroundings in life, whatever they may be. Art, from this point of view, is to be able to see the uniqueness of everyday experience."  Through meditation we familiarize our mind with new ways of thinking, speaking and doing. We also decrease our mental afflictions and find greater emotional and cognitive balance, as well as improved, attention, concentration, and mindfulness. We also develop greater wisdom about what means to live a meaningful life and find Genuine Happiness. This is what I teach in my Contemplative Art Workshops, Meditation Retreats and Personalized Coaching.

We have a responsibility to work with our minds, developing our potential to be of benefit to humanity. You have that ability!

To begin, take a tour of this site, explore and put into practice all the tips, advice and strategies I have shared in previous articles. Join one of my courses and meditation groups. Also sign up to receive news and resources on your email. And if you're ready to start a daily meditation training and/or personal retreats send me a message to receive a free personalized coaching session.

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p.s. You can find me on Twitter @almaayonFacebook, instagram, or in my artist website alma-ayon.com

I will love connecting with you.

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