I'm happy to share with you this wonderful meditation:


Sit with your legs crossed. Generate the motivation to devote a few minutes to cultivate loving kindness toward yourself.


Take 3 deep breaths, releasing any tension or anxiety in your body and mind.


Let your breath in its natural rhythm, uncontrolled, only attending closely.


After 5 minutes of mindfulness of breathing, visualize that with each inhalation, from all directions in space you get rays of light bringing you all the welfare, health and happiness you want .


Visualize yourself also receiving material goods, talents and opportunities you'd like to have. And now also visualize that you transform your faults into qualities.


Transform yourself into the person you want to be and visualize how others perceive you in that way.


Now focus on the exhalation and with each send light rays from your body towards all beings without exception, sharing with them your qualities, talents, material goods and feelings of kindness , compassion, love , generosity, patience and wisdom. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.


Now release all visualization and all thinking and let your conscience rest in its natural state for a few minutes.


Finish your session with the aspiration that you can transform your limitations into opportunities that you can benefit those beings around you.


Your Turn


How was your meditation? Do you have any question?


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